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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Visual Sound Jeckyll & Hyde Overdrive

When the Jeckyll & Hyde pedal first came out it sported a grey/black motif enclosed by a 5 sided sheet metal housing. The switched over to an evil red design to emphasize it's nastier nature. Or were they simply trying to promote a red-white-blue American identity to it's other siblings? Who knows... continuing with the pairing of effects the J&H combines an overdrive(modeled after the Tubescreamer complete with JRC4558 chip) and a distortion that allows you to scoop out the mids for metal or Sharp/Blunt settings for more edge and compression. Like all Visual Sound pedals they have a neutral preamp-buffer that preserves your signal even over long runs and tone-killing pedals. The pedal allows you to stack the overdrive and distortion simultaneously to double your tonal pleasure. The Strokes recorded with one on their breakthrough album Is This It? I still prefer the older sheet metal designs but hey, they still sound great. For more info please visit....

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