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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Reverend Drivetrain II

What do you do when you have a good thing? You make it even better and then you discontinue making it. Bob Weil(Visual Sound) and Joe Naylor took their Drivetrain Mach 1 and took it to new heights. While their first original black unit was a vast improvement on the classic Tubescreamer they felt they could still do better. Listening to the critique of their original design many guitar players felt that it needed more volume for boosting their tube amps and a wider range of treble for more aggressive tonal control. It didn't hurt that they also changed the black graphics to a racing green reminiscent of muscle cars from the 60s to emphasize their point. Guitar One quickly gave this pedal the prestigious Mark of Excellence Award in the March issue of their magazine and by fall of that year Reverend dropped the product to focus more on their guitars and amps. When the unit appeared on Joe Bonamassa's pedal-board however this solidified the pedal as a legend in overdrive pedals and secured it as a classic. For more information on this pedal please see this link...

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