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Monday, August 24, 2009

Lovepedal Eternity Burst

The Lovepedal Eternity Burst by effect builder/designer Sean Michael. The harsh winters in Michigan produce some of the best hardcore music and pedal builders around. Sean started his hobby when he became disenchanted with many of the trendy multi-effects of the 90's. He wanted to build something that could convey a creamier more organic tone and did he ever. His small boutique business earned quite a reputation on the underground internet chat boards quickly. A great endorsement from mega-star Andy Summers from the Police and a rave review in Guitar Player magazine didn't hurt either. He utilizes a socketed IC chip(whose identity is scratched off) and a unique hand-wired board covered with epoxy resin to hide some resistors and capacitors. I had fun experimenting with the 3 knobs Level, Drive, and Glass(Treble boost) which yielded beautiful smooth overdrive sounds from a Bogner Shiva with EL34s. With just the right amount of sustain and tube saturation I was in tonal heaven. The Burst edition allegedly has a woodier tone but I have no relative comparison against the standard version. The graphics are nice with a bright blue led that's active when the unit is plugged in. With all the mass-produced devices out on the market it's refreshing to see the success of a builder who deserves all the accolades Mr. Michael has earned. It is pricey to it's peers but definitely worth it's weight pound for pound. For more information click on.....

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