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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Crowther Hot Cake

What do most drummers know about guitar? Usually not much unless you happen to be Paul Crowther from the 80's band Split Enz who enjoys tinkering with electronics. This pedal happens to be an underground favorite from many musicians including Stephen Malkmus(Pavement), Noel Gllagher(Oasis), Buzz Osborne(Melvins), Ed O'Brian(Radiohead), Thurston Moore(Sonic Youth), and purportedly Stevie Ray Vaughan before his untimely demise. Part of the reason for it's underground cult status is the fact that they are built in New Zealand halfway around the world. It's not a tubescreamer per say but more a tubier thick fuzz-type distortion based around Paul's unique circuit design. He has since modified the pedal(Hot Cake Bluesberry version) to appeal more to blues players who don't desire as much distortion. For those who want to sample both flavors he also manufactures the double cake for a double dose of stacked tonal goodness. For more info on this excellent noise box see the link....

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