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Monday, August 24, 2009

Hermida Audio Technology Zendrive

Like Carlos Santana, Robbin Ford, Larry Carlton, or Dumble Amps? Well.... you might like this tasty little treat too. Who is Alfonso Hermida? A great boutique pedal builder from Florida. Could I have ordered the Mosferatu pedal with more distortion on tap? Maybe....maybe I will based off his Zendrive. The name says it all.... everything Zen. It's all about the Ying ... or the Yang. Everything must be balanced in life. I have to admit... when plugging into this device... I found myself noodling on the guitar more than most pedals I test-drive. There was something I couldn't put my finger on but...... anyway.. it was just fun to lose yourself and enjoy the textures of the complex tonal options at your fingertips. This pedal has 4 controls as opposed to the usual simple 3 knobbers. As Nigel would say, "This amp goes to 11". You have Volume, Tone, Gain and Voice. It's a tweaking paradise to dial into whatever tone you desire. There is no longer a wait as opposed to the usual boutique frenzy with some builders. This guy is gracious and keeps up with demand and makes a terrific product. Cool graphics and great circuitry design covered in goop/scratched off IC... can't blame the guy... he knows his skills and delivers in spades. For more info just click on the link....

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