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Monday, August 24, 2009

Banzai Cold Fusion

In 1989 two scientists Fleischmann and Pons anounced to the world a strange anomaly during a nuclear fusion experiment that promised hope for a cheap alternative energy source. When they failed to replicate the claims in successive experiments it left people wondering if their initial claims were valid. What does this have to do with a German engineered effect pedal with a Japanese species of tree? Oh..... never mind. But hey... cool graphics, a unique housing, beautiful circuit engineering and a reputation that rivals the Klon Centaur....hmmmmmm. I have A/B'd both the Centaur and Cold Fusion only to surmise that the only thing in common is a dual ganged Overdrive pot(designed for specifically the same reasons). The differences are apparent however with this unit being more of a boost(in terms of decibels) to force any tube amp into wonderful clipping territory. I don't think I have any other pedal that produces the loudness or power from such a simple design. When the drive knob gets a little past noon it projects a nice bluesy grind but still retains the original character without getting muddy. Chords sound blissful and refined. It's sadly rumored that they are no longer in production but will soon earn the reputation that Way Huge deserved during it's demise. For more information click on the following link.....

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