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Monday, August 24, 2009

Blackstone Appliances 2SV3 Mosfet

You are probably asking yourself right now.... what the heck is a Mosfet? Well it actually stands for Metal-Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor. Your next question is probably what does that have to do with tone? Everything. I thought I might try to explain it but wait...just go here.......
Jon Blackstone created the 2SV3 unit to produce more of the even harmonics present in tube amps which are mostly lacking in common NPN(negative-positive-negative) layers of silicon in transistors. This is the only device he makes and it's the only effect I know that has 2 flavors of overdrive in a small package. The Brown channel is more of a bluesy crunchy overdrive while the red channel sounds a little more....errrr uh red. It never gets new-metal or harsh but is significantly more aggressive than it's fraternal twin. It has an unassuming business-like graphic on a crinkle coated black housing. Another interesting feature is the pick/fingernail controls that, once set, won't deter the most inebriated guitar player in the dark. Once you find the setting of your choice you won't want to tweak unless you switch from a Strat to a Les Paul but the foot switchable variety of tones Red/Brown are a plus. He requires you to selfishly connect it unbuffered from your guitar but why mess with a good thing? It's a one-hit wonder. Nice. For more information click on the link...

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