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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Visual Sound H2O

Fish & Chips, The Captain and Tennille, and Chorus & Delay. What do these things have in common you might ask? Well they just go great together.... ok I know that was bad. But like all other Visual Sound pedals they give you a 2 for the price of 1 pedal that delivers tonal goodness. The interesting fact about this unit however is that one side is analog and the other is digital. Bob Weil admits that certain effects are going to sound better in analog like chorus/flanging and he uses the old-school BBD(bucket brigade chip seen in older echo devices). Nothing else can replicate the creamy liquidness like analog. On the other is very accurate in replicating a delay or echo signal especially on longer delay settings. The pedal allows you to switch between long/short delay depending on whether you want to chicken-pick with slap back echo or delve into a spacier Pink Floyd/Cure effect. The H2O is twice the thickness of it's siblings but that's because they have separate circuit boards stuffed into the enclosure. In a shoot-out for tone this chorus held it's own against the Danish TC Electronics unit at almost half the price. For info on this and other Visual Sound products please visit.....

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