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Friday, August 28, 2009

MXR Dyna Comp

If you could only take one compressor to a desert island it would probably be the original classic by MXR innovations. By the last 70's Keith Barr and Terry Sherwood had turned a basement operation into one of the largest high-end pedal manufacturers in the U.S. The idea of a compressor is simple... it makes the loud notes softer and the soft notes louder. It simply squashes the notes and evens out the sound for a more uniform playing. Soon Nashville session guitars found them ideal for chicken-picking style runs and a staple of their sound. Rock guitar players seeking more sustain for their solos also found them useful like David Gilmore of Pink Floyd. Some people find the grey Ross Compressor the holy grail of effects and Trey Anastasio would agree wholeheartedly. Actually Ross took the Dyna Comp effect and tried to improve it's circuit by adding more dynamics. Since then, many boutique builders are making slight improvements but it's hard to deny the original effect that started it all in this red box. For more info on the reissue cult-classic please visit....

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