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Friday, August 28, 2009

MXR Phase 90

In 1972, MXR was founded in Rochester NY by two high-school pals, Keith Barr and Terry Sherwood. The started their business by repairing audio equipment but then started producing effects of their own by trying to build better units. They started with a simple lush sounding unit that quickly caught on after selling them to individual guitarists at gigs. They weren't hard to sell based off the lush swirl and were soon building 50 units at a time in their basement. The first units were housed in the bud-box cases from Ohio and featured script press on logos. They placed an ad on the back of the 1975 issue of Rolling Stone magazine simply stating "We're Here" but didn't leave an address or phone number. Their success on word of mouth reviews were all they need to grow into the second largest manufacturer at the time. A young LA guitarist plugged into one for a treble boost(the sweep was set to the lowest counter-clockwise setting) but you could still hear the modulation when he recorded Eruption. Keyboard players found favor with the units too because of the lush swirl. They were more expensive than the rival effects at the time but were also considered the Porsche models because of their sound. They were later purchased by Dunlop manufacturing but many of the originals are being produced due to popularity .... for more info see.....

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