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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Electro Harmonix Small Stone

Which Electro Harmonix pedal has sold more units than any other you might wonder? A lot of people might guess the Big Muff due to it's legendary status. Actually the Small Stone phase-shifter has outperformed the muff in sales since the 70's and it's no wonder. The MXR Phase 90 has one of the best cult followings for phase shifters but it is simply a different animal altogether. Electro Harmonix pedals have never had a reputation for subtlety or being quiet...but that's what makes them so good. This phase shifter produces a swirling analog flavor that is chock-full of tonal texture. Just when you think you couldn't get any creamier with it's depth or sweep you can hit the color switch for more psychedelic flavor. You can turn the sweep all the way down for a Pink-Floyd sound or add distortion for the classic Van Halen solo. Rotating the knob clockwise all the way will produce some nice robot sounds or lasers. The Green Russian models are a little more noisey and colorful...but that is a great thing. For more information on the Small Stone and other Electro Harmonix products please visit...

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