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Monday, August 31, 2009

Boss XT-2 Xtortion

In 1996 Grunge controlled the airwaves of radio and even though metal was considered dead people still craved distortion. Nothing was heavier than the new Xtortion pedal by Boss with it's bright red casing. But who where they kidding? With the Contour and Punch knobs it was just another euphemism for sculpting the upper mids and the lower mids. Metal was never dead .. just in a state of limbo. Just when there might have been a re-birth the XT-2 was phased out but has become a classic given low production numbers. It is still number 2 for the shortest lived lineup(the Power Driver is the shortest) but not for lack of sound quality. This will become a rare classic someday and a likely investment today. Alice in Chains and Stone Temple Pilots would be proud. For more info please visit or see

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