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Monday, August 31, 2009

Boss MT-2

Which manufacturer of pedals has sold more units than any other? Boss. Out of all those effects which one has sold more than any other? The MT-2. Part of that reason is the fact that it is the most powerful distortion available. Don't bother buying batteries for this unit as it's more wise to invest in a 9 volt adaptor to be eco-friendly. At the heart of this unit is the tweak ability of the mids. the 2 mid switches feature 2 ganged pots to scoop out the mids and sculpt the highs and lows for gut-wrenching metal mayhem. Warren Haynes of Govt Mule also favors this device for solos and searing sustain. The fact that it has 7 filters and 2 dual ganged tone/mid controls made it more expensive than other Boss effects but users will attest to it's "bang for the buck." Just when metal was dying in 1991 Boss took it to the next level which still is popular with many guitar players today. For more info please visit

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