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Monday, August 31, 2009

Boss DD-3 Digital Delay

In 1983 Boss released it's first digital delay pedal in pearl-white, the DD-2. But in 1986 they improved it and, even though there is now the DD-7 with more features, the DD-3 remains the best selling delay to date. It still remains a classic pedal that is the industry standard for the effect. Digital was unique in the fact that it retained the exact signal with very little degradation over time unlike analog based effects. Some users claimed that digital technology was too sterile and inorganic but it was virtually noiseless and could carry the echo for up to 800 ms(more than twice analog). It also had stereo outputs and had a hold function for infinite playback at the press of a foot. Eddie Van Halen would use the hold function and then adjust the delay time for a dive-bomb Doppler effect of detuning. It also boasted a feedback control and e.q. control for the amount of effect. You could even get reverb or sitar sounds if tweaked just right. It was so revolutionary that it is still being built today. For more on this effect please visit the website or see

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