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Monday, August 31, 2009

Boss PN-2 Tremolo

Not to be confused with Vibrato(more of a hand effect with strings) Tremolo is a volume based effect that makes notes loud then quiet(you get the idea). Of all the classic pedals featuring tremolo the PN-2 is easily in the top 5. It is one of the only stereo-based tremolo(Demeter finally got the idea) that sport a panning effect from left to right. In essence they took a good thing and made it better. To top it off, they also allowed tweaking of triangular or square waveforms and allowed you to control the panning in stereo or mono input/output jacks. It had a short shelf life of only 5 years but is still highly regarded as one of the best of it's breed. If you ever want to get the Johnny Marr "How Soon Is Now" effect then look no further. For more info please visit or visit

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