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Monday, August 31, 2009

Danelectro Cool-Cat Chorus

Out of all the retro-styled large box metal effects there is one that stands out from it's siblings and that's the Cool Cat. Not to be confused with the new uglier pedal offering the Cool Cat series...this chorus was an instant classic just as it's 50's look. It was different too in the fact that it required 2 alkaline batteries or an 18 volt adaptor to power it's analog engine under the hood. It was a simple design, just 2 controls for speed and chill(rate and depth) but that's all it needed to produce it's classic sounding watery effect. Despite it's undeserved reputation it appeared on several professional pedal-boards for those who knew how good it was. Guitarists flocked to the smaller cheaper plastic offerings and the better ones were soon discontinued. One day guitarists will make this effect the classic it was intended to be. It was a great value just like the Danelectro guitars of the 50's even if this unit was produced in the mid 90's. For more info on the current Danelectro line-up see.....

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