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Monday, August 31, 2009

Boss DC-2 Dimension C

When is a chorus effect not chorus? When it becomes a dimension-based effect. The Dimension C came from an unusual pedigree. In 1979 Roland started making professional rack mount units for studio musicians and they released the SDD-320 which utilized analog circuitry to create an ambient spacial effect. It utilized 4 preset buttons that had modulation and pitch based circuitry to create a feeling of space. It was so popular that Boss decided to release it in pedal form but how do you get 2 huge analog circuit boards into such close quarters? First of all, the frequency clocks would start to squeal in such close proximity if you pressed more than 2 presets. For that reason you can only use one at a time which is just fine given the ambient sound choices. This is the only compact effect to utilize the 4 button approach but I can't complain about any of the 4 beautiful choices to select from. I like chorus pedals for their thickening watery-shimmering quality but for some reason I still go back to this beautiful enhancing effect. For more info see the Boss site or visit

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