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Monday, August 31, 2009

Boss DM-2 Delay

Before there was digital technology there was analog and in 1981 Boss released their first compact series effect. Back in the day, many echo devices utilized a tape recording system that looped the sound with different playing heads spaced apart for ambient delay. Later it was proven you could use time-based BBD(bucket brigade chips) that could carry the signal until it slowly faded. The appeal of the DM-2 is it's ambient Reverb-like wash in it's organic signal replication. It could only produce a delay as long as 300 ms but it was soft and tape-like. Many country players swear by it's shortened delay for chicken-pickin' slap back bathroom echo. Cranking the knobs clockwise produce the beautiful self-oscillation for a wall of sound psychedelic experience. It sold for only 3 years before the DM-3 came out and then digital took over. For more info on Boss products see.... or visit

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