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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Demeter Temulator

In 1982, Ry Cooder went to his good friend James Demeter to find out if he could build him a tremolo pedal. Using Mr. Cooder's Fender Twin's tremolo as a benchmark for his preferred sound he set out to build a unit that featured the classic lopsided amplitude modulation with a rounded off triangular waveform. He created a unit with less noise and hum with greater speed and modulation. There are internal trim switches to tweak the settings but it comes standard with Ry's favorite setting so why bother? Tremolo always sounds best at the end of the effects chain and when turned completely off offers a great noise reduced signal boost for long cable runs. It can do the slow pulse, Jane Fonda, or the helicopter chop. It is considered the best tremolo in the industry with just 2 simple knobs depth and speed. For more info see Demeter's page at

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