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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

T.C. Electronics Stereo Chorus

Danish music equipment company TC Electronics has been making quality products since the mid 70's. The company has focussed more on studio rack-mounted processors but 25 years ago they introduced one of the most legendary analog choruses that is still highly regarded today. It wasn't just a chorus module but also featured pitch-shifting and flanging effects too. It also had an input gain control switch, an external buypass output and stereo outputs. No other chorus is as broad, sparkling and shimmering achieving this while remaining the quietest choruses in the studio. When used in stereo the effect signals and the clean signals appear simultaneously on both sides. The effect signals are alternatingly phase reversed in left and right sides, creating a unique spatial dimension. It's no wonder Eric Johnson has used this device in his setup for years. For more info on this unit visit

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