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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bixonic Expandora

In the mid 90's there was once again a resurgence of stompbox fever when this tuna-can device hit the market. It was shiny and small with just one screw holding on the back. It was soon discovered this allowed the users easy access to the inside compartment so they could tweak the 3 internal dip-switches. There were several combinations that could alter the tone and some that were, quite frankly, completely insane or unusable. That didn't stop several musicians from using this on stage namely Bush, Megadeath, ZZ Top and others. It was rumoured that the Rev Billy Gibbons(a serious gear junkie) had 8 of these in a row on stage. It was true, even if the roadies knew that he wasn't playing through it. By then it was all over when the units started selling. In 2000 they changed the unit to a more user friendly compartment complete with flashing red light when played through. These were even more short-lived when they went back to the original design and allowed users to control the switches from the outside of the case. For more info on the current Expandora see



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