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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

ADA Flanger

There is only one king when it comes to flangers, The Analog Digital Associates model created in June of 1977. Designed by David Tarnowski, it was enclosed in a heavy cast metal housing heavier than a brick. It sported 5 knobs - Threshold, Manual, Range, Speed, and Enhance. It even had a control for even and odd harmonics with an output for a footpedal that could control the range of the sweep. The first unit utilized a Reticon SAD1024A Bucket Brigade chip but was revised later to the Panasonic MC3010 chip. It was the only flanger of it's day to house a built-in compressor and bandpass filter which gave it the unique sound. It's voltage controlled oscillation could sweep a signal faster than any of it's predecessors. When it came to extreme flanging no other company came close. It's a shame they discontinued making the unit to focus on the trendy rackmount digital processors of the day. For an interesting discussion on this unit see

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