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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Z.Vex Fuzz Factory

Zachary Vex got his start in the music business by opening a small recording studio in Minneapolis during the 80's. He had tinkered with electronics a lot as a kid growing up and when business "went south" he started hand building small effects on his kitchen table. After taking a road trip with a friend to New York he tried introducing his pedals to dealers to no avail. But it was the few units he sold to the people who worked there that started a word-of-mouth business that soon had business owners ordering 40 at a time. The most popular device was a NOS(new old stock) germanium transistor fuzz prototype that was a tweaker's dream come true. It has 5 knobs Volume, Noise Gate, Compression, Drive, and Stability controls despite it's diminutive size. For fuzz connoisseur's it was a dream come true. Add hand painted graphics from Jason Myrold for a unique finish and soon Mr. Vex was adding more products to his line-up. His boutique business has since grown exponentially. The Fuzz Factory has very little current draw(less than 3mA) and requires less zinc-carbon battery charges than it's peers. No other fuzz on the market can create the extreme sounds than this little device and it's not for the faint of heart. The germanium is heat sensitive so sounds can be altered within a few degrees. If Jimi were still around, I'm sure he' have a Fuzz Factory on his pedal board. For more info on these products visit

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