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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Electro Harmonix Memory Man

Easily in the top 5 best selling models by Electro Harmonix, the Deluxe Memory Man ushered in a whole new era of analog delay. At a time when many delay units were prone to breaking down and were unreliable the Deluxe Memory Man sported Delay, Feedback, Level and Blend controls to suit the user. It offered a direct and echo stereo output that was beyond description between two amps. It also had a control for squelch, an off/on footswitch, 550ms of delay and a power control. The second evolution also added chorus and vibrato from the earlier stereo models. Anyone who played around with this unit found themselves mesmerized by it's ethereal heavenly repeats. The Edge used it as a staple for his ambient textural sounds on U2's earlier albums. Suddenly delay was another dimension to rhythm playing and space jamming. By late 1978 sales of the Memory Man were going through the roof when Panasonic halted shipments of the delay chips for the device. Within months Electro Harmonix went out of business only to rise from the ashes in the mid 90s to become once again the success in the golden age of effects. More more info on they're products see

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