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Monday, August 31, 2009

DOD Chorus 690

If the large rectangular box looks familiar it's because DOD wanted to capitalize on the success of the similar casing by MXR. In the mid 70's, when guitarists were looking for more professional sounding effects, DOD started taking off. DOD was originally started by David Oreste Di Francesco in Salt Lake City UT in 1974. The company was bought out later by Harmond International and then by Digitech in the 80's. Many people associated the name as Division of Digitech... but today they are once again seprate entities. The most unique feature of the 690 analog chorus is the fact you can switch between two different speeds of chorus. Because the effect is analog you can hear the speed ramping up gradually when the effect is engaged. The LED on the unit also blinks to represent the speed of the sweep too. Nothing can replicate the organic blend of de-tuning as these original analog machines. These heavy effects are still a bargain compared to it's rival MXR on the used market and have yet to be reissued. For more info on it's current product offering see.... or visit this fan's database for the FX series that followed the original

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