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Monday, August 31, 2009

DOD 670 Flanger

Hot on the heels of the MXR big box professional effects David Oreste Di Francesco(DOD) started his offering in 1974 in Salt Lake City,Utah. The analog effects company was later bought out by Digitech and renamed Division of Digitech(DOD) but later repurchased by Harmon International again. The integrity of the original lineup still holds-up today and are still a bargain on the used market. The 670 flanger caught on when Eddie Van Halen stepped on his MXR black box for the song Unchained. This box can pull off the main riff of Barracuda in all it's analog splendor. The led on the device blinks with it's throbbing flanging rate. It has 4 knobs to dial in airplane sounds and metallic sounds. It can also do the watery chorus effect too with the proper tweaking. It was a classic for all it's shimmering swirling flanging goodness. For more info DOD's current offering see....

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