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Monday, August 31, 2009

Danelectro Fab-Tone Distortion

It's a shame that the large-box retro styled Danelectro pedal series never caught on. They looked like something from the 50's and tried to capitalize on what made them famous during the time when cheap guitars ruled. They were just as much a good value back in the day due to the fact that everything was outsourced to China. It didn't help that it's smaller sibling was housed in a cheap plastic case and were mass produced. The larger units were nice and heavy and sported a cool Chevy housing and cool names. The Fab-Tone was just that.... a nice thick sizzling distortion that packed plenty of furious gain. It was a lot harsher that it's brother the Daddy-O but had a nice singing sustain that had a retro feel of a Marshall stack. They quickly stopped production to focus on the less-expensive line-up and a less-cooler look. It's a shame but someday it will become the classic it was intended to be ... for the new product offering see..

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