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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Univox Univibe

No other vintage pedal has as much mojo as the legendary Holy Grail of effect like the Uni-Vibe. Made famous first by Jimi Hendrix with Machine Gun and performance at Ilse of Wight as well as Robin Trower(Bridge of Sighs) and David Gilmour(Dark Side of the Moon). Many companies have tried to replicate the original sound but that can be hard to achieve. The interesting thing is that Fumio Mieda created this pedal to be used with organs hence the two-instrument inputs and there is no "on" effect to stomp on for guitar players. What he was trying to replicate was the Doppler effect of the famous Leslie Rotary Speaker using discrete transistors and no Op-amps. He failed in one respect but created one of the most famous sounds ever recorded. It is like no other effect because of it's shimmery watery warble than can't be achieved with any other chorus, delay, or phaser. In some ways it's a bit of all three though. It's a very raw and crude effect but has a complex circuit board that could only be invented by a genius geek engineer. In essence the device is a four-stage analog phaser that sports four lamps/photo resistors that spin faster as you depress the expression pedal. Because it wasn't made for guitar it lacks treble response and the voltage lacks because of the two-prong cord but hey ... if it was good enough for Hendrix...... I think I will stop there......
here is a great link about the technology of the Uni-Vibe according to an electrical engineer



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