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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Boss CE-5 Chorus Ensemble

Who invented the first chorus pedal? That's right Boss. No other pedal has endured a greater reputation than the coveted legend of the Boss CE-1. Since then, there have been many incarnations worthy of respect. One of the only surviving chorus pedals today this pedal has been selling well since 1991. It sports a high/low 2 band filter that acts as a cut switch allowing the user a myriad of tonal chorus coloring. Three-dimensional chorus is achieved with stereo outputs and spacial imaging much like the Digital Dimension from before. A little known fact is that the early models were very similar to analog technology like the CE-2 and CE-3 because they contained Bucket Brigade chips. Just look for an early serial number predating P1 or look at the printed PCB(it shouldn't say CE-5A) and you have a winner. Another indicator is if it sports a grey label on the back you have the digital version.

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