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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Zinky True Grit

Who is Bruce Zinky? Just an amp engineer who has worked with Fender Amps before starting his own boutique amp line in the 90's. He also built a pedal based off the John Wayne mojo from a movie of the same same. What I like about this undiscovered gem is the fact that it is such a bargain for what you get. Much like the Fulltone Fulldrive it has an overdrive with a boost switch. The Gain control allows you to inject some distortion into the device with individual bass and treble controls. The Grit also adds some hair to your mid-range especially when the boost is forcing your amp into beautiful clipping territory. Why this peal has been under-the-radar is beyond me. It is still a stellar value for the money. For more info visit or see this great review

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