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Welcome to the guitar effects virtual museum. I have been collecting stompboxes for the past few years and wanted to share some thoughts. I will continually add more pics and opinions. Any comments or suggestions are appreciated. Thanks for looking.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Great Effects Related Resources & Links One of the best boutique builders/modifier of effects on the market, his King of Tone is a "must have" for tone purists as well as other great effects A great resource for every pedal ever made with great descriptions and even links to purchasing these terrific effects One of my favorite sites that pairs classic pedals against each other for a duel... you won't regret clicking on his overdrive comparinator(is that a word?) A praise community that features great articles on equipment, music, an interesting blog, and most of all....God. A terrific link for all things DOD. A period of history for a popular mass-produced pedal from the 90s. A tribute page to David Gilmour of Pink Floyd and his equipment A subscriber page that has great articles relating to guitar tone A user-based forum and resource of pedals and music equipment A supplier of guitar stompboxes and effects Supplier of do-it-yourself build kits and components of pedals A supplier of components and electronics to build your own clones A collections of pictures(inside and out) of pedals with sound files A gear database of some popular effects with sound files and articles One of my favorite websites that has great equipment,videos, and articles A page devoted to everything harsh or noise related to music A museum devoted to one of the most popular effects with all incarnations A site with a great selection of the finest boutique effects and equipment An online magazine relating to equipment and musicians A site devoted to electronic schematics for effects & amps Aron Nelson's site devoted to building effects A gear site for quality used effects pedals A site dedicated to the pedalboards of professional musicians One of the most informative and entertaining pedal freaks One of the finest pedal builders/ pedal modifiers out there A site dedicated to classic gear, guitars, and amps Probably hands-down the best boutique overdrive available A web-dealer selling the finest music gear available Home of the great boutique Mofset overdrive pedal Mike Fuller's custom built collection of effects One of the greatest hand-built and hand-painted effects that are very unique Reality in Tone, home of the greatest Tubescreamers out there One of the most respected classic effects companies in the industry Home of Prescription Electronics hand-built custom pedals Brian Mena's classic hand-built & wired pedal selections A mail order company specializing in a huge selection of effects Home of Boston Guitar Works.. one of the coolest music shops in the US Home of one of the most respected tone machines in the industry A great database for one of the most popular effects in history The official web-page of the most popular effects pedals in history Home of Dunlop and MXR pedals, a true classic in the industry Sean Michael's custom built boutique pedals- one of the best ever


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