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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Washburn AD-3 Stack In a Box

In 2003 Art Thompson of Guitar Player magazine released an article entitled Forgotten Distortion Delights. It featured pedals by Electra, Ibanez and Washburn. When Washburn released the AD-3, it was a quantum leap forward in distortion. In fact, they utilized 2 of the JRC-4558 op amps for more stacked tonal pleasure. Sure it was Pepto Bismol pink with it's knobs and graphics but it was also the 80's. It certainly lived up to it's name.. it sounded like a wall of sound through a full-Marshall with it's tube-like clarity and grind. Washburn went back to what it did best which was affordable acoustic guitars and the rest is history. If you can ever find one, they are a great value. For more info on the article see ..

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