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Welcome to the guitar effects virtual museum. I have been collecting stompboxes for the past few years and wanted to share some thoughts. I will continually add more pics and opinions. Any comments or suggestions are appreciated. Thanks for looking.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Family Portrait

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Tim Pedal by Paul Cochrane

You have to be pretty patient when you order this custom boutique overdrive from Paul Cochrane. But when you're a one-man outfit making a quality product by hand it's hard to keep up with demand. What started out as a Monty Python joke from the movie "the Holy Grail" the name just stuck. The Tim pedal is pound for pound a great value even if some of the larger companies are trying to duplicate the circuitry and outsource it to China. Don't be fooled however, there is only one real deal and the design on this pedal is amazing. For starters, the treble and bass controls are actually cut switches. It is designed to deal with the mid-hump that is prevalent in most overdrive pedals. He reverse engineered it to be flat when turned completely clockwise. He also isolates the bass control pre-distortion which allows you to play on crunchier settings without getting too muddy. The unit also has a separate effects loop built in so you can add delay or any other swirly effects for added layering. The back of the unit sport two extra knobs for tweaking the sound. The drive control changes the gain of the clipping of the circuit while the tone knob controls the low end of the gain at higher boost levels. As if that wasn't enough, he included a pull-pot on the drive to increase the clipping of the distortion while adding compression. For someone who likes to tweak your tone or sound this pedal is paradise. The Timmy (Tim's little brother) takes up less real-estate and has dip switches in lieu of the drive and tone controls. The circuit board is otherwise the same less the separate effects loop. A lot of thought went into this pedal and Paul is not only a great person to deal with but a true tone-artist as well. This pedal is definitely worth the wait, you won't be disappointed.

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