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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Adamas Guitar Picks

Ok..... so I stumbled across some bags of "new old stock" Adamas Guitar Picks at a music shop.  I don't need all of these but if you would like to purchase some from me I am selling them 3 for $15 or individually for $7.  There is no charge for shipping.  Just give me your address and I can get them out.  If you already don't know they are a graphite composit that is no longer made... you can't buy these at any retail or online guitar establishment and are very rare.  There is nothing like this pick, in fact Jerry Garcia, Trey Anastasio, Phil Lesh and Santana used these.  They will only increase in value over the years.... trust me, I have used no other pick since discovering these.

just shoot me an email if interested in buying

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